Do You Need Help Writing a Literature Review?

Conducting a survey of literature is something that you will often do at the start of a larger piece of research, however, it can also be undertaken as a standalone paper. Its purpose is to show that you fully understand what is already known within your area of study and can identify the gaps and weaknesses in what has been shown by other researchers. Many however need literature review help if they are to produce one of the required standard.

As with any other paper as you progress through your education you will be required to create your review of literature to a very well defined standard. Your structure and format must be very precise. All references and citations will need to be presented in a consistent and perfect academic style if your work is to be accepted. Achieving the writing standard in itself is more than difficult for many and that is without even thinking about the actual research itself.

Because of the many difficulties involved in writing a literature review it is often best to use a literature review writing service. Having the assistance of an expert in your field of research that fully understands the methods required for your review will make the whole process from finding relevant sources to writing your review so much easier. With our professional support you can guarantee that you will be able to produce a robust and perfectly written review of the literature in your topic area.

What Issues Do Students Face When Writing Their Literature Review?

Often you will have very little experience with writing extensive literature reviews when you are asked to write one. Whether you are writing it for your thesis or dissertation, or have been asked to write a review in a specific field in its own right you need to do so in a very precise manner. Learning how to do the writing while undertaking research at a high level is a major undertaking for anyone. The following are just some of the challenges that you will face:

  • Finding relevant and reliable sources of information: while it is tempting to just use Google to find information this is not a recommended way forward. Use scholarly search engines and make significant use of your library and relevant journals in your field to discover information.
  • Planning your time: often you will have an extended amount of time in which your study will be conducted, but many students leave the work right until the end and find that they do not have time to get the work done. You must plan your time and start work on your lit review straight away.
  • Not setting targets: you have a large amount of reading to undertake if you are to produce a good review. Always set yourself clear targets for how much reading and also writing you will do each day.
  • Understanding the formatting requirements: your references need to be arranged in a very specific style if your work is to be accepted. These references also change according to the type of source you are citing. Learning how to do this consistently is one of the hardest things that students need to get straight within their writing.

What Types of Reviews Can Our Literature Review Help Support?

Many students need help with a critical lit review, what many do not realize is that there are actually many different styles of reviews that you can write. Our specialists have experience with the many different types of literature reviews and can help with all of the following and many others:

  • Argumentative review: this style of literature review is selective in choosing information that supports a specific idea. However it could be argued that this style induces bias in that you only use sources that support your ideas.
  • Historical review: this style of writing follows a timeline of how ideas are developed over time rather than looking at how ideas are related to one another.
  • Integrative Review: this form of study is often considered primary research as it seeks to generate new ideas from existing information in your field.
  • Methodological review: this is a form of study that looks not only at what was said but how it was said and the methods of research that were employed.
  • Theoretical review: this form of review will study the specific theories that have been generated in a specific field.
  • Systematic review: this is a review of existing literature to answer a specific research question and is the most common style when writing a thesis or dissertation.

What Style Can Your Dissertation Literature Review Help Support?

Different academic styles of writing will organize the references and citations in a different manner. Your paper must ensure that your work is done perfectly according to the style that is employed. We are able to support all different academic styles such as APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard format, or Turabian and many others besides. With our support you can be sure your references are done correctly.

How Will You Write My Literature Review?

Getting to work with our literature review writer is not difficult. All you need to do is follow this simple process and you will be able to quickly gain the support of our literature review writer with your review:

  • Fill out the fields on the order form: we request a minimal amount of information and you are able to access our site to make your order at any time 24/7.
  • Pay for the service requested: our services are very inexpensive when compared to others of a similar quality level and payments are totally secure.
  • Discuss your requirements with your writer: we provide you direct contact with your expert so that they are able to fully understand exactly what your needs are.
  • Request any changes: we want you to be totally satisfied with your writing and will undertake unlimited revisions of your literature review until you are happy with it.
  • Receive your completed review of literature: we always deliver to you on time after checking for plagiarism and carefully proofreading your work.

The Benefits of Working with Our Affordable Thesis Literature Review Writer

We know that you want to produce a literature review that you can be proud of as well as one that is perfectly written. This is why you will always get all of the following when you work with us:

  • Postgraduate degree qualified researchers that have a broad understanding of current research and recent references as well as well developed research skills.
  • Direct contact with our experts to ensure that work will always be done according to your specific needs and expectations.
  • Original work: all writing and research is done from scratch without any copying. Your literature review will also be delivered with a ┬áplagiarism report.
  • Free proofreading: we ensure that your formatting and writing will be totally free from any mistakes before it is delivered.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction: if we cannot supply you with the lit review that you are looking for your money will be refunded to you.

Get in touch with our professional and highly reliable literature review help today to ensure that your research and writing are completed perfectly.

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